Try New York’s best cheap eats! Here’s what to eat in Flushing for $5-7! Join Vlogger Academy (details at 19:40) & let’s grow your …

By 152news

20 thoughts on “NEW YORK'S CHEAPEST FOODIE HEAVEN! $5 Flushing Food Tour”
  1. I tried to keep it $5 but gotta support the price increase! This was filmed before indoor dining closed down again. Hope y’all get to try these spots OR enjoy this virtual food tour from where you are at home <3! Hope everyone's safe, healthy and thriving โค๏ธ. Happy 2021!!

    P.S. I just added all the spots to the foodie map :D! If you didn't grab it yet, it's here: https://bit.ly/NewYorkFoodieMap

  2. Thanks CupofTJ, if next time i go to Flushing i need to try the breaskfast sticky rice. When u were there did u see soy bean milk bc i heard its a match soy bean milk and sticky rice so was thinking would they sale that too. Thanks again and be safe out there when u are filming. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

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