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  1. I’m actually disgusted at you playing the victim this is not the first time you have done this , same thing happened with Lewis you come on live saying one of my beezers is coming to stay with me then you back out last minute. Same with Sandy and ange you backed out last minute now this dude when are you going to start taking accountability for your actions ? Funny thing is if it’s was karlee you wouldn’t of backed out so goes to show if there is nothing in it for you you’re all talk leading people on playing with people emotions. Monty came to Ottawa to see you but you wet your knickers when you found out you missed him . You’re unbelievable. Show us the receipts because I bet you lead sj on just like you did Lewis, Sandy and ange and all the men you chat with on dating sites you arrange to meet up then don’t turn up .

  2. I honestly love how even the UNIVERSE is sick of this pile of trash.
    Karma comes to slap her so fast these days, it’s not even funny at this point.
    She encouraged people to dox and disturb DeeDee’s life and now people are getting the ballz to show up to her door. Love that for you

  3. She is absolutely inbred and missing chromosomes. The level of stupidity that she spews is asinine.
    Did she say that she had to learn that her responsibilities are her own? When have she ever learned that? She’s still blaming Nader because she won’t leave him alone.

  4. So I saw a tweet on Twitter. Can’t remember who but it was a clip of Chantal saying
    “‪Just because you give me superchats (aka money)does not entitle you to my life it does not entitle you to a relationship with me it’s not going to make me like you anymore than I like anyone else really..”
    Her tweet with that said “so… kinda like you giving Nader money doesn’t entitle you to a relationship with him either.”
    And it was just spot on.
    U did that kid dirty. The messages are out. You could’ve texted him all week and told him no yet you say nothing then started all this. He can go to any city he wants. This is why no one can get close to you. Always attention aay Chantal. You’re ridiculous!

  5. Hay Sjammy if u wana fall inlove with miss Chantal then that’s ur own dumb fault. And if u wana give her 1000s of dollars instead of saving it and going on a trip then lol. And why go all the way to see her lol? I hope this taught u a lesson. But I doubt it has . You beeezers are gluttons for punishment. Ready set beeezeeee

  6. Not sure why everyone’s going hard on her stalker. 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe a savvy business person. Think about it, they’re doing the exact same thing she does to Dom. Brilliant. They’ll be making some good money soon by mimicking her behavior. Wish I had the guts/time/immortality to pursue that as well. Bravo karma 👏

  7. Refund Sjam’s money.
    Every single penny.
    The harassment, trolling & hate your lies brought on this mentally ill man’s life is inexcusable. Lifetime history manipulating, taking advantage of mentally challenged mentally ill males.

  8. Proud of you for cleaning Chantal. I bet it was an awesome workout and now you feel so much better. Would love to see weekly clean with me videos.

  9. Look at that baby in those pictures and look at how you treat her. You should get your shit together and save that baby’s life. Your mother’s heart must break for her daughter every single day.

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