20 thoughts on “FOOD. HUNGRY.”
  1. Chantel I can see why your mother is hurt by the way you act look how old you are you should be a shame you should want to do better why do you live the way you do in the filth the way you do😞 You and Peetz 😞

  2. Sweetie ❤️ do you know that cokey said that the 500 dollars you sent to him at the end of may was for cocaine that he got for you. He will do anything to make you look bad, and he says that he has his own money, his own income and that you hasnt given him money, and that you didnt pay for all the food and his clothes, and that you helped him ONES with half of his rent In the beginning of your “relationship”. Im curious, who lies about all the money and groceries? You or cokey?
    OH and yea btw…I hope you stay away from him for good this time, and that you can feel good again, know your worth and be happy❤️❤️

  3. Time to Beeze sleep 😴 Leaving this on as I go count some 🐑. Anyone else do the same? Please don’t yell for Peeeeetz or you’ll wake me up 🤣

  4. Chantel please stop he doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong or treating you wrong he thinks you deserve it so he will never change and you getting high is not good for you it’s a depressant and a downer and I hope your not bulshting us

  5. So talking about mannerisms.
    I do replicate as my mom n my sister as well. We all yell “PEEEEEEEE”! When we need them. Even though we don’t live together and my sister does it to her boyfriend constantly.
    That’s it that’s all

  6. “i feel good for even WANTING to change, cause some people just don’t” hm……kinda like you? don’t feel good about yourself until you’ve actually put in the hard work, dedication, persistence and fortitude. but no, you’re a coward and lazy. you talk so much but accomplish so little. just talking out cho a$$

  7. She takes 3 small sips of that coffee she just had to have and then leaves the rest of it in her car when she gets home?!? What a fcking waste! Stop pretending to like coffee just to impress Nader. Call me a coffee snob, but she needs to just stick to her Starbucks chocolate creams.

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