Wanna become a VERY IMPORTANT BEEZER?? Join us…..


17 thoughts on “BEEZING HARDCORE”
  1. Pathetic. Stop stroking her ego that she has a stalker. She brings this on hersrlf. Now once again she is a victim. No one is stalking her. Well maybe her VIBs stalk online thru YouTube but that’s their boring life. Now she’s gross high and being her nasty self …

  2. Who tf has fruit flies and no fruit 🥴 Seriously?? I had fruit flies one time in my life and it lasted a day until I took the kitchen apart and found a cherry tomato rolled under something on the counter. Immediately cleaned it up and they were gone. I can’t imagine how nasty that house is to have fruit flies everywhere 🤮

  3. I feel bad for the first responders that find you expired on top of Reginald from a bad Columbian head cold/sexual tryst– after being lead to the luxury villa by your son, who will be hitting himself in the head repeatedly, walking in circles with his My Little Pony collection erection.

  4. I barely watch her videos and streams but every once in a while I do and I always wonder how is that grown up woman happy ? Like for real, I go to university, work, travel, hangout with awesome friends and all she does is hanging out with strangers from the internet and snatch at her viewers, like wtf happened to the internet, I really don’t get how anybody on this entire planet would call that an actual “life” 😂

  5. I can’t stand how she acts like she needs a skinny man and fat men are nasty now she’s say Peetz smells and her man needs to bath every day when she never shows

  6. Cocain is amazing Chantal isn’t it. Your living the life! Someday you’ll pay the price. Well you already are paying the price aren’t you. You have no life. Kids learn from this…don’t do drugs.

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